Free Webinar for business leaders to Improve productivity & communications in a remote work world.

Live Webinar • Thursday, April 30th • 1:30pm ET


Gerry Sandusky - Voice of the Baltimore Ravens; President, The Sandusky Group

Andy Neary - Former Pro Athlete, Productivity Expert, Founder, APN Consulting

Productivity & Communications have changed in the two-dimensional, remote work world.

  • Learn how to adapt: Priorities are changing quickly. Learn how to adapt just as quickly. 
  • New times require new tools: We'll show you a prioritization tool that you can begin using right away.
  • Less is more in a virtual, remote work world: Getting to the point faster starts with know the important points you want to convey. We'll show you how to do it so you keep your people engaged.
  • Jump start your day: Great results start with having the right mindset.  Learn how to plan a powerful morning routine.
  • Maximize Daily Productivity: Working from home comes with its distractions.  We'll show you can get more done in less time.
  • Proper Planning Makes a Perfect Day: Planning an effective day starts the night before.  We'll show you how to ensure you are planning your most important work first.

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